Ask the right question to co-create

magicalWanting the ride of our lives, it would be great if we all had a magic wand that would change our lives!

From living in a castle to traveling in our own personal jet. Becoming a globe-trotter, going from one party to another. Running a company, living the high life, never missing anything but enjoying everything.

Well, we could do that if we start to focus on what we would like in our lives. The hardest part in the process is to ask ourselves the question, what kind of life do I want? Making sure you know what you could be settling for. When you are realizing you can co-create the life you’ve always wanted by working with the Universe, make sure your desire is coming from your Spirit and not your Ego.

We need to ask for the right thing. What do I mean by that? You are doing a vision board you are taking the time to think of what you would like to do or accomplish next.

If you are not grounded and indecisive about what you want, you are not sending a clear message to the Universe. For example: if you want a new job, you are going to ask the Universe you would like to work as a manager. While you are starting to co-create with the Universe you become unsure of your initial request, so you decide to change your request to become a baker. A few days later you are changing your mind again wanting to be a business owner.

At this point you are sending confusing messages to the Universe, the confusion you have created is blocking the Universe from helping you. Nothing will happen until you first ground yourself then look at your request, be honest with yourself. Ask your Spirit what is the best for you, also take time, you do not have to rush at all.

If we are not sure, instead of asking for something specific, simply ask for new job that will fulfill your qualifications and your emotional desires, but also pays well. The company you are going to work for will be perfect for you. This way you let the Universe work its magic through perfect synchronicity. It will bring you the perfect job, perhaps even better than you think you would have if you had to do it alone.

Sometimes it is all in the details, we need to let the Universe create for us the best outcome. The Universe has a bird’s eye view that we do not have. We only realize afterwards it is better to have the Universe as a partner that has our backs and our best interest. The Universe knows what is best for us. If some opportunity is not coming our way it is because it is not for us.

Understanding that will help us along our journey, we should not fight the closed-door instead we should look around to see the one that is wide open. Like the river we are riding on, we need to adapt to our outer conditions and have faith we are in for a great ride.