Enjoying a silly moment in my life

SillyIt is always much more fun when we can have some fun in our lives from a great fun joke to a good time spent with our friends. Laughing out loud, not worrying if we are too goofy or too silly. Just enjoying our spirit to be more playful.

We need to spend time enjoying each moment, life has so much to offer. When we are in a state of relaxation we have a better understanding of what is in front of us but also seeing solutions easier.
Laughing is the best medicine to heal our problems.

It helps us to stay in the state of equilibrium, forgetting the stress we are under. Shifting our energies higher. Connecting with our inner child. Feeling mischievous, wanting to laugh and be frivolous.

We should all be doing that once a day at least. Never giving up on our inner child nor forgetting we have to have some fun.

Filling our heart with love and compassion, letting ourselves become grounded. I have spent wonderful evenings laughing with friends, sharing a meal while talking about our childhood.

Remembering what we had done that got us in trouble but also listening to others sharing their misdeeds. Even sharing stories about our children redecorating the walls with permanent markers or adding new strips to the white sofa with a deep red lipstick. Or finding them trying to make a cake in the kitchen mixing all the ingredients in the mixer without the cover on. Creating a big mess that reached the ceiling.

Those are the moments you are revisiting with your friends, laughing about it, explaining in full detail how you felt at the time it happened.

I must say going back to memory land for those stories is priceless. We can spend our time running in circles but when you are laughing time stops, instead you are enjoying those moments. Sharing the most incredible stories you had lived as a child, or the ones your children are currently doing.

It is always fun to enjoy life, it brings more positivity into our lives. We can just sit back and enjoy the ride.