Discovering who we are

beautyWhen we are discovering the better part of us, we are finally opening our hearts to the world. Letting our spirit shine. Embodying unconditional love, we are transforming ourselves for the better.

We have to move toward higher energies for us to finally understand what true unconditional love is. It is not a five-minute feel-good moment. It is a state of mind that can transcend everything, from healing broken hearts to bringing peace and joy into our lives.

There is nothing more important to connect with everyone at this level from human to animals. Spreading this energy around the world.

Becoming the beacon of love, changing the world equilibrium. Providing a better future for the next generation. Reconnecting with our spirit but also understanding what our life purpose is. Engaging to embrace what is coming next.

Having faith that we can modify our outer condition by using our imagination to create a new life experience.

Never giving up on our dreams, realizing we are the master of our own destiny. Radiating love from inside out. Attracting the right person around us, learning to be more compassionate towards ourselves.

Forgiving ourselves for our shortcomings also making amends for the wrong we have done to others. Making ourselves aware of what life has to offer, never discouraging anyone to dream bold.

Becoming the best by seeking guidance from our spirit. We have lived too many lives, reaching for that wisdom that is in us, to walk the path we are meant to be in.

Listening to the whisper of the Universe that guides us to safety. Letting our inner child play freely, reconnecting with our family and be present in our lives.

Becoming the diamond, we are supposed to be by letting all the facets of our spirit shine brightly. Continue to explore your own gifts, pushing forward the boundaries. Become a free spirit and let your color shine.

Embracing the changes that are coming into our lives, learn to live without any regrets but instead learn to be silly. Be a kid again and play every day to let your imagination run free.

Life has so much to offer when you are realizing that unconditional love is the most powerful energy you can ever have to finally rise like the phoenix.