The sweet rewards from the Universe

LifeWhen you are partnering with the Universe you could be surprise when the bounty of the Universe is rewarding you with more than expected. For instance, if you are applying for a job at the time to negotiate the salary you discover they are going to pay you more than what you were expecting.

This is the kind of reward the Universe will bring to your feet, sometimes we have to wait a little longer for the Universe to work its magic while waiting for it, the Universe is watching us and will reward us with more, to thank us for not giving up on our dreams.

It is a humbling experience when we are receiving this kind of bounty from the Universe. It gives you a deeper sense of what co-creating with the Universe means. It also reinforces we are not alone, we can elevate our lives and spirit by connecting with a higher power.

You are feeling on cloud nine while this is happening, gasping “is it for real? OMG! I cannot believe it!” followed by a heartfelt “Thank you”.

The Universe is always working on our favors, even if the condition we are currently in, is not ideal. We need to keep faith, we have been heard. Even if we feel we are in a washer on spin cycle that doesn’t want to slow down.

Changes in our lives are inevitable if we want to grow and move up in our journey. We can, during that time feel hopeless, but we have to still stand up on our own two feet and continue to move forward.   Those challenges can teach us so much when we look back at them. It helps us to ground ourselves but also brings out the strength that was dormant in us, so now we can truly live the life meant for us.

Teaching us we are all warriors, we are love, we are compassion. We can face the adversity of our lives with a strong spirit and resilience we never knew we had.

Always keep faith the Universe is watching over us. Life is a journey we are facing to help us to accomplish the life purpose we are supposed to live.