Embracing our spirits

peaceI feel weightless when I am happy, touching the sky, never letting go of that feeling. I wish you were with me enjoying this moment of peace.

Life is like a beautiful ocean that can be as infinite when it is calm but when the storm rages over the waters it can turn the color from a beautiful blue to darkness. As I am standing on my two feet digging my toes into the sand, I can feel the warm breeze in the air.

Feeling whole, in complete harmony with the Universe and the world we are living in.  It’s a peaceful and beautiful view, nothing but miles of sandy beach and a calm beautiful warm ocean.

It is inspiring to be in such a peaceful place, a wonderful state of mind.  Leaving for a moment this crazy world to just embody the energy the water has to share. It is such a rejuvenating moment, a time of harmony and communion with nature.

Such a moment is so precious it can counter balance so much drama into this world, not enough communication between each other. To many gaps between each other, we can only try to learn to go back to basics. Finding the time to be with each other wishing the best for all of us.

Never giving up on our dreams, our lives, our mates. Learning to be more in touch with our own spirit. Letting the Universe be part of our lives.

There is so much for us to learn, traveling through uncharted territory should be what we need to do to move our lives to a higher plane, having faith in our capabilities to overcome our obstacle.

Becoming the alchemist, we are, fearless of tomorrow, being present in our lives and living it to the fullest. Never let anyone tell us what we should be doing in our lives, but instead let our spirit free. Experiencing life through our spirit, continuing to dream bold.

We cannot say we are living our lives if we are not ready to embrace who we are. Pushing beyond the limit’s society has creating. Realizing we are the one in our minds that are setting up those walls that needs to be broken for us to finally living our dreams.

Never make any excuses for who we are but standing our grounds like a rock in the middle of the ocean experiencing a stormy moment that will not last. After all, has passed realizing we are still standing and stronger than before.