Partnering with the Universe

LifeYou can be delighted when you are keeping yourself grounded while your outer conditions are less than ideal and see things moving and shifting into the right direction.

Keeping our minds and thoughts toward a positive ending, seeing ourselves reaching our goals or even starting something new can help us to continue to move forward.

In this river that is our life we can complicate our journey if we are not keeping ourselves in a state of positivity. Trying to control our outer condition is not possible, we can only control how we react to it.

It is not easy when we are living in a constant state of stress or fear but when you stay focused you can actually achieve positivity. It is not easy to empty our minds while under such direst moments. With practice we can calm our minds and relax our bodies when we are taking the time to breath.

Breathing is the key that will unlock us from releasing negative energies and thoughts into the world. We are elevating our energies to connect with the Universe and shift what seems to be impossible to possible.

Life on its own is full of obstacles and we should learn to navigate around them, like the water we need to adapt to our outer conditions. Teaching ourselves we can overcome them, raising our energies.

We need to enter in partnership with the Universe. Learning to co-create with the Universe, understanding that we are not alone. Having faith in the process, let perfect synchronicity work its magic.

We need to understand we do not control how thing will be happening instead we need the magical hand of the Universe to work for us in order to get the best outcome.

Too many times we are trying to control every single step toward our goals, instead we should be looking and embodying the feelings we already have received.  Learn to let the Universe do its job, the Universe has a bird’s eye view into our lives.

Partnering with the Universe helps us to ease our journey to experience a better outcome and happier lives, we do not to be in control of everything in our lives.