How to control our naughty temptations

naughtyTemptation can be everywhere ranging from sweets, salty snacks to affairs. We are faced every day with new temptations.

As we are moving towards our journey we can learn hard lessons by experiencing these temptations. Losing ourselves for a moment thinking we can do whatever we want.

Karma is always there to remind us we are not doing a favor for our highest good and the highest good of everyone. It is not easy to step back from our guilty pleasures.

We can get new patterns by starting to change our behavior, for example when you are under stress you could go for candies or chocolates to try to release it. Instead of doing that why not starting first to recognize the signs before you are spiraling down to “sweet town”. Get rid of the sweets and have some nuts or even fruit with you but also purchase a bottle of Lavender essential oil. “At the first sign of stress open the bottle add a drop on the tip of your finger than place it under your nose. Lavender is great to calm and relax the mind. Eat a couple of nuts or a fruit if you feel you need to chew something.

Same thing goes with excess social media, videos etc. some can quit cold turkey but most of us are not going to be able to do that. Instead have a rule at home stating a no social media for 2 hours or after 6:00 PM. It will enable you to talk to your family and mate, it may sound extreme, but we need to connect with each other by interacting and communicating without the usage of our tablets, phone, etc.

It is going back to basics, we can easily lose ourselves in the artificial world, but we are here to connect spirit to spirit. There is no substitute that will connect us at the spiritual level. This is why we need to learn to balance the world we are living in and ourselves.

How about people who have lost touch with their mates. Instead of trying to reconnect with them by communicating, they have turned to someone else to fulfilled what is lacking in their intimate life. You should be honest with yourself even though having a third person in your marriage can be fun and exciting. It will never close the gap between you and your mate, you need to be honest and assess if your relationship with you mate has run its course or if you can close the gap between the two of you by removing the third person and start to reconnect with your mate at the physical level. It may be fun to act like a fool and make a mockery of your marriage and mate but at the end of the day if your infidelity is uncovered the price you are going to pay for your indiscretion is not worth it for anyone.

Temptation and shortcuts are always available, but you need to keep in mind when you are using them, you may arm yourself physically and emotionally, you can also impact your family. It is always best to recognized something is wrong and face it instead of keeping your head in the sand like an ostrich. Hoping t will go away but until you deal with it, it is never going to disappear.