Climbing the corporate world with your ego or spirit?

firstLiving our lives guided by our spirit can seem rather strange for some of us. Not being accustoming to trust our gut, our instinct that little voice that is whispering in your ear.

When you are in the corporate world you are faced with ego driven individuals that would rather sell their mother, brothers and sisters if it could advance them higher up the corporate ladder.

What they do not realize is that no matter how much you want something that may or may not be for you. You still have to deal with the repercussion of your actions. Deciding to enter the rat race can be exhilarating at first. What comes next can make you think twice before entering the starting gate.

You have to think about your integrity and authenticity. Dealing with ego minded individuals you are going to discover pretty quickly that it is not about the virtue of keeping your core values you have been taught by your parents. But instead, entering the world of masks and illusions. The first encounter is meeting up with deceiving people who will lie and cheat and do whatever possible to rise to the top of the heap. Stepping on you will mean nothing to them and seeing you disenfranchised with the other employees, will be what these types of people thrive on.

With that in mind you need to learn to schmooze people in order to get into their good graces even wasting your time to play what l like to call the “kiss, kiss” game. You are going to spend a lot of energy to play the political game most of it will be spent on everyone that is not in looking for your best interest. Since some people are driven to get a promotion or a title thinking it is the most important form of success they will play that game. Respect will not be given to you at all if you are one of the ego driven individual.

A lot of people who have climbed the corporate ladder through this kind of pathway have not earned anyone’s respect instead they have locked themselves into a corner thus creating a limited possibility for them to continue to rise to the top.

Respect is only given to people who are worthy and trustworthy. If you do a poll in your company a majority of people who have a title will not be on the top of the trust list.

You can be driven in your life to succeed but if you are only looking at the illusion of getting a title to make yourself important, you are missing the point at every level, success will be given to the ones who are leading their lives through their spirit, by staying authentic and grounded. Those individuals can influence a company in the right direction because they are removing themselves and putting the company’s interest first.

The question I have for you today is: Is your Spirit your life or is it your Ego?