Why I am always sick!

bedBeing sick can sometimes make us mad or unhappy. We can feel we are wasting our time when in fact we should take the time to heal our bodies but also give us a little break to evaluate where we are.

Some illnesses can be triggered by stress, from work or home and this can cause us to decrease our immune system exposing us to viral infections more easily.

When this is happening, we need to be honest with ourselves and evaluate if there is not a bigger symptom. Like working at a company that makes you so stressed it is physically impacting you right now. Your body is telling you it is time for you to move on.

I had, in the past, experienced these kinds of issues when I was working in corporate. The atmosphere at work was a horrifying environment of distrust, chaos, lies and deceits and it took its toll on my body. I was sick for over a month and couldn’t get over it. It was, in fact, my body telling me the environment at work was so toxic my body couldn’t handle what I was making myself go through every single day.

When we are working in such a poor environment we need to be honest with ourselves and stop the harm being done to us. We do not need to punish ourselves by continuing to experience this kind of environment, instead we should start to look for other positions in other companies that will not treat us so poorly and neither should we be going to work and endure eight plus hours a day of toxicity.

Most people have the illusion they will not be able to find another job that pays the same. In fact, this is an illusion created by our ego. The ego is afraid of change, so it would rather poison our mind with false ideas, then helping us to walk away from that situation.

It may be scary to do the first step but when you realize you are free and in control of your life nothing can go wrong. You need to ground yourself and have faith the Universe will always prevail for you.

Let’s look at the relationship we may be in that is not right for us, our bodies could do the same.

What should we do about it?  Well, you need to be honest with yourself and assess where you are. If you are unhappy maybe it is time to seek help or walk away from that toxic relationship. Some relationships, like work, can be addictive. We have entered the vicious circle where we are depending on the mate thinking we do not want to be alone, so we think we have to stay where we are. In fact, we don’t!

We need to break free of that addiction by walking away and rebuilding ourselves first.

We do not need to run into another similar relationship. Learn to stand on our own two feet is our life lesson and we need to learn that. When we are thinking about ourselves first we are opening the door for new life and good experiences to come to us. We can finally learn who we are, starting to appreciate ourselves without the need for anyone to validate us.

This is where you have your “haha” moment. When you realized you must love yourself for who you are. You are shifting the energy around you. You are starting to shine and radiate love. This is a game changer that everyone should know.

The right mate will come along when you truly love who you are. Your body will not be sick but instead you are going to be strong and healthy.

Your body is always speaking to you, listen to what it has to say to you today.