Opening our heart to the right person

lifeOpening your heart to welcome love in your life is the most beautiful and challenging moment at the same time. When life teaches us heartbreaking lessons it can take a while and some deep healing before we decide to jump back in and let someone into our lives again.

We have to be cautious, so we do not repeat the same mistakes, like attracting the same person that has done harm to us. Or refusing to see the signs that it is not in our best interest to try to pursue that relationship.

Having faith in the process can be daunting but if we are honest with ourselves and the Universe we should be in perfect synchronicity to meet our mate.

In order to be successful we need to make sure, we are not doing it out of desperation. We need to be grounded. If we are not grounded we are sending the wrong energies into the world. What will come back to us will not be what we truly need. But another hard lesson that we do not need to go through again.

We need to be wise to ask ourselves a few questions before we are moving forward. One of them is am I ready to welcome someone in my life? Is it coming from my spirit or is my ego leading this inquiry?

If you are living your life through your ego, you could attract the wrong person for the wrong reasons. One of the reasons could be you do not want to be alone, so you are asking the universe to provide you someone who may not fulfilled your heart

When you are coming from a place of your spirit you are now connecting with the Universe directly. You are coming from a place of love, you are grounded. The Universe will respond to you by way of perfect synchronicity for you to meet the right mate. The intention of that person will match what your heart desires.

Remember when you are ready to let someone into your life you may be tempted by what you see at first coming towards you. But you need to be honest and not jump blindly into the first relationship. The Universe could test you as well.

Be honest with yourself if you feel he/she is not the right person than it is better to move on than being involved in something that will not make you truly happy.

We are not alone in this world, but we have to learn to know ourselves first in order to enter the right relationship. It is not a competition either, if you are meant to meet your mate in your life time, you will meet that person. Just take the time to mature and enjoy who you are, the rest will come to you in due time. Remember it is not our time clock it is the Universe’s time.

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