Adopting new patterns in our lives

relaxShifting our thoughts to positive is an experience we should all do. Many times, we can surprise ourselves thinking about the worst outcome for a situation. Some people want to think the worst possible catastrophe will happen and for some they have been conditioned to this belief from childhood.

When we are in our adulthood we can feel life is not fair, from losing our job or breaking up with our mate. We can at times feel the Universe is not having our back, but instead we are left face down in the dirt. Those are life lessons we have to learn and experience in order for us to grow but also to move into new uncharted territory.

If our life was a moving it could be gone like the wind, the pretender or even home alone!

Doing the unconditional love challenge has been enlightening for me. I was presented with new challenges that would have provided additional stress on me. But instead of going the old way, I sent unconditional love to it. I shifted the energy toward a positive resolution. We do not have to continue with our current patterns but start to adopt new ones that will help us to deal with new situations that could come upon us without adding more stress.

If we take the time instead to center ourselves and breath, we can control our emotions and relax, avoiding adding more stress on our adrenals.

We are being faced, in our lives, with daily reminders that our outer condition is something that is never permanent but can shift quickly if we are responding accordingly.

This is the biggest challenge. How do we respond to the outer condition; how can we keep ourselves grounded and focused while everything moves so quickly?

We have to learn to become an observer first and quickly relax ourselves, so we can shift that situation for a better outcome.

Why not try today to send unconditional love to anyone and any situation that is stressing you? You may be surprised how quickly the outcome can change for the better.