Moment of kindness in our lives

heartSometimes it’s not about the big moment in our lives we will remember but also the small ones. From someone who will open the door for you. Or a friend who will be there when you need a shoulder to rest on.

The simplest gesture in life can make someone else’s day. From a simple smile to a “hello”, being seen and acknowledged can have a powerful effect on someone’s spirit. We are not invisible we are all shining stars.

We need, at times, to feel we are connected with everyone. From the perfect stranger that will help you place your suitcase in the overhead bin when you are flying, to someone who will give you their seat on the train.

We can be waiting at the cashier’s line when someone will let you move up the lane. Being kind to one another without expecting anything in return.

Small gestures will lift someone else’s spirit and may inspire them to do the same to someone else. It is the kind of ripple effect we need in this world.

Spending our time ranting about everything and anything is not helping. Instead an act of kindness or a kind word will have much more power. Sending positive energy into the world is what is most needed right now.

We do not have to be part of the consciousness that do not want to elevate themselves into higher frequency. We do not have to feel we have to follow anyone’s path but our own. We can set our own guidelines.

We just have to be inspired by doing a small gesture every day to someone we know or do not know.  Sending a message to the Universe we are part of the higher energy. Ready to send love to everyone, embracing our spirit.

Making a point to always find a moment during the day to give back.