When opportunity is knocking at your door what would you do?

doorWhen opportunities are knocking at our door like your dream job, your dream house, your dream mate, etc., what would you do? Are you going to let it pass you by, or are you going to seize the moment and claim it?

I was asked by someone why did you choose the job you are currently doing? What makes it your dream job?

Those are questions you could be asked during an interview as well. How would you plan to answer that question?

Well, to me, a dream job starts with a passion and the drive to do it. You can follow your gut feeling or your sixth-sense whispering in your ear that it is the right move for you. You can feel at home or a sense of “deja vue”. You are comfortable around the people, you are connecting with them. You are feeling empowered and ready to jump in.

What would you actually do if the dream job shows up at your door step? Would you take a second look at it or are you going to listen to your ego planting the seeds of doubt in your mind?

Our journey can take us in so many directions but when the right path is opening in front of us why not starting to walk in that direction?

We have nothing to lose only believing we so well deserve it. Many times, we have to pinch ourselves in disbelieve that this is finally happening! We have almost lost hope that this would ever happen.

But when the stars are aligning perfectly, and synchronicity works its magic everything can materialized. It can be a life changing experience and we never want to get off that ride!

An opportunity of a lifetime will only present itself once, we always have a choice, listen to our spirit or our ego. This is up to us to decide what direction we want to take today. We have so much to experience why not start with something that will make us truly happy.

We do not need to feel we do not deserve it but instead embody the energy and feeling that we actually do!

Look at what is knocking at your door today and make sure you are making the wise decision that could set you up for the rest of your life.