What is the purpose of my blog!

designWriting a blog has been a great adventure for me. It has opened the doors to connect directly with the Universe. One thing that has been happening are the feedbacks I have been receiving from readers all around the world.

It is always a blessing to read them, it gives me a greater sense of humility and greater determination in my mission to continue to share the wisdom of the Universe.

Creating the websites have been a labor of love. The touch and inspiration to make it the way it is without looking at anyone else’s’ site, but instead using my own creativity with a touch of the Universe makes it even sweeter.

These websites are unique and do not conform to any others. It may, from a few feedbacks, seem like “vanilla”.  But, in fact, it is not!  Trying to copy or conform to what has been done is analogous to “chewing food for a baby before feeding it back to him”,

We are not robots, we need to explore our uniqueness, there is nothing wrong with that! Only people who have an opinion about conformity will acknowledge it. What makes this blog special is the messaging and the personality that this blog has. It doesn’t conform to any standard but is an extension of who I AM.

Bloggers should keep their authenticity, their uniqueness. What attracts someone to read your blog is not about the fluffy images or the “monkey” jumping all over your page, but the sincerity of your message, and what you have to share with the world.

This blog is not about ranking or making myself popular by trashing someone but instead trying to connect with each other at the consciousness level. Starting to open the communication to question the awakening of our spirit. But also providing life experiences we can all relate to at some level. Looking at life in a different way, bringing tears, smiles and hope for a better life.

We can all learn from each other, but we must also look at the patterns we have and shift them if necessary, while keeping our thoughts positive even if the outer conditions are not ideal.