Setting up new priorities in our lives

priorityFocusing on what are the most important priorities in our lives, we should list ourselves at the top of the list.

Too often we are neglecting ourselves to the detrimental of others. How can we be helping others if we do not take care of ourselves? We do not need to be narcissistic or self-centered, but if we are not grounded how can we best serve others?

We need to be fully aware of the condition of our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. If we are unbalanced, we cannot be receptive to anyone or anything. Instead we are pushing our spirit out of our body. Becoming overly stressed and exhibiting the signs that will make individuals weary of our actions.

When we are grounded and balanced we can communicate and resolved issues easily. Seeing solutions and providing the best support to everyone. It also provides us the energy and stamina we need in our daily lives.

What do you have in your life that currently needs to be adjusted or shifted so you can fulfill your goals?

Do you need some time during the week to recharge your batteries?

Are there any items on your list that you can drop? In some cases, we do not need to do everything ourselves we can share some of it with our spouse or children. Giving children chores and duties teaches them to become accountable. It also teaches them discipline in their life, learning to become self-reliant.

Make sure your family is on the list but make sure you are listed as well. You need to take the time also to reconnect with your mate perhaps a simple get away with him/her would be great!

We are busy, but we need to stay connected with our loved ones. Too many times we are letting LIFE take over our lives at the expense of our relationships. We need to find that balance that will keep us grounded but also connected with others.

Our lives are a balancing act. We need to make sure we are not living our lives on thin ice. We need to ensure we are well taken care of. Life has too many challenges and obstacles already without us adding more drama to our situation.