The Spirit of Thanksgiving Part 2

ThanksgivingI wrote a blog last year about the spirit of thanksgiving. Today I would like to continue to explore the subject again.

As we are approaching this wonderful holiday, I have a thought for everyone who has been working this year on keeping the spirit of thanksgiving all year around. Starting a new business that provides for the less fortunate, giving advises to empower the next generation but also sharing the love of the Universe.

As most of us will enjoy a nice meal together with our loved ones, being blessed to be amongst our friends and family, we need to explore what we can do this year that will make it even more special.

Would it be a new addition to the family? Or did we lose someone dear to our heart, so we will set a plate at the table for them to be remembered?

Are we going to carry this beautiful spirit into the new year? Why not continue to live in the spirit of thanksgiving? Offering to give if we can to charity or even volunteer one day a week to some charitable organization? Always acknowledging in our mind how fortunate we are.

How about inviting someone we have not been getting along with to share a meal and try to find a way to amend our differences?

There are so many people who have less than we have and yet they have happier lives than we have. Should we be looking at why we are not happy? Is it because your ego is leading your life? Or is it because you feel you have not let your spirit be? Happiness comes from the inside, if we are not happy nothing or on one will accomplish that for you.

It is time to realize how far we have come this year. How much our spirit has grown. But for most how can we give back to the world?

We are entering the holiday season, it is not all about black Friday or the sales of the year. It is all about how we can stay connected to each other. How can we continue to give but also learn to receive? How can we make this holiday special? From remembering the ones we’ve lost but also to acknowledge them in a way that celebrates their life.

It is about love, about sharing and communion with our spirits. How much we have accomplished but how far our journey is going to take us. We have a white canvas on the front us why not using it to create a new life for all of us that will lead us to happiness and happy ending?

We are the master of own destiny it is time for us to be in the driver seat!