Asking for help when we need the most

helpAs we are approaching the end of the year we can start to look at what we have been able to accomplish this year.

Have we meet our goals? Do we feel we have so much to do we are drowning?

At work we are under deadlines to meet the company goals or we have to spend the rest of the budget we have because it will not roll over into next year’s budget?

As we are spinning out of control, why don’t we take the time to step back and slow down. We still have a month to go. Wouldn’t it be better to prioritized what we have to do instead of running like a chicken without a head?

Giving ourselves more stress will not help us to archive whatever is in front of us. But instead we can turn into a terrible person, snapping at every one becoming our own worst nightmare.

Life can make us take a ride from hell, but it doesn’t mean we have to act out of control. In these situations, it is best to ground ourselves. By doing so we can have a better picture of the situation, we are living the emotional part of it on the side. Just looking as an observer’s point of view.

We cannot control everything, but we can control how we react to any given situation. We are approaching Thanksgiving time and we need to keep that spirit alive we do not need to feel despair. Why not shift our thoughts to elevate our energies?

We can do so much, we need to pace ourselves. If we can delegate, why not do that? If you can have some support along the way, why not ask for it?

You may be surprised when you are starting to ask for help or even have a conversation with someone to get their perspective how much help you can receive.

From a co-worker that will be more than happy to assist you to give some great advice on how to prioritize your project.

We do not need to be in our heads, giving ourselves a headache. Starting to increase our blood pressure level when instead we reach out to others. We are not alone but communicating and sharing can help us to get through it.

We need to keep ourselves positives and allow us to be grounded and happy regardless of the outer conditions.