I am sorry we could not control ourselves!

funI like to have a little fun, I had a couple of friends who worked in a grocery store. They bought a couple of Terex costumes. One night they decided to have fun wearing the customs at their workplace. It was hilarious to see them acting like children. They even scared their co-workers that were working that night at the store.

Sometimes you have to be silly, just enjoying becoming a child again. Laughing is the best medicine but also elevates your energy. There is nothing wrong with it, I even found online a few videos about people dressing up as Terex doing some jet skiing even taking a classical ballet lesson. It was great to watch, I was laughing so much.

In these moments you can actually release your stress by laughing. We need to take the time to let our stress out in a way we can elevate our energy without creating a negative environment around us.

We all have spent too much time worrying about our love ones, work and everything else. We are forgetting to be more playful. Instead we are spending our time rushing and running like mad men.

We need to take the time to play, to laugh, to enjoy a moment of silliness. It doesn’t matter who we are, how old we are, we really need to laugh.

I am going to share one story that happened many years ago. We were invited to a wedding ceremony, at that time my mother, two sisters and I went. We sat in the back of the church, while the service was going on. We were not expecting to have an actual group playing guitars and singing. The Little One and I got caught off guard by it. The singer was wearing a leather jacket, she proceeded to pull her collar up like you would see in a rock band ready to wow the crowd. We were teenagers at that time, we caught her doing it. The Little One and I started to laugh but instead of making any noise we bent our heads down trying to stop ourselves in our own tracks.

My mother was sitting next to me, unfortunately it was too late. The bench we were sitting on started to move as we were laughing. Tears started to roll down my cheeks, we couldn’t stop laughing without making any sounds. My mother started to slap my shoulder trying to threaten us to stop. After a few minutes we started to regain our composure as the priest proceeded with the ceremony, then, to our own horror, the band started singing again.

My sister and I re-started laughing but this time my mother couldn’t help herself and joined us. We had to keep our heads down the rest of the ceremony. We left the church first with tears in our eyes. I think this was the best laugh we ever had. My stomach hurt so much but if the poor singer would not have made that mistake at first, we would not have started to laugh. The more we tried to stop the more we laughed. To this day it is a great story we share from time to time. And I still laugh about it.