A beautiful moment of reflection

peaceLetting our imagination run free is something we should all be doing. Creating a new environment, embodying that feeling. Opening our heart chakra to receive the bounty of the Universe.

We are meant to be living a life full of abundance. Learning to let our spirit shine and be free, expressing our deepest desires without any shame.

We have so many facets, so many talents why not exploring them today by walking into uncharted territory?  Becoming whole by experiencing life to the fullest. Becoming a maverick is something we should all be doing.

I do recall when I wrote my first blog, I had no idea what I was about to write. Instead, I opened my heart and listened to the Universe. Having faith that everything will be alright not having a clue how far this will take me but feeling in my core the passion, the drive to do it.

Without a moment of doubt, I opened myself to the world, co-creating the life I wanted. Having faith, the Universe is always by my side. Facing my deepest fears, but also knowing that I was supported along my journey. Letting the Universe take me apart, focusing on the present and not the future.

Taking bold risks, I opened opportunities that I wasn’t expecting. Always challenging myself beyond the limits. Driven to elevate myself to the next level, challenging the Universe for the adversity I have faced.

Letting the world know I would never give up on my dreams on the life I so deserve to live. Empowering others to conquer their fears. Letting everyone know it is OK to dream big there is nothing wrong about it.

Never make excuses for who you are, always believing that love will always prevail. Embracing who I am, sending unconditional love to my inner child, that has suffered so much. Making peace with the world, letting go of my anger for anyone who has done wrong to me. After that burden has been released, learn to send unconditional love into the world.

Finally, be whole and grounded for the next leg of my journey. Ready to embrace fully my life purpose.

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