Walking on our own path

JourneyTrying to do the right thing in our lives can be challenging. Seeing others walking into the path of darkness without a care in the world can be scary to watch. When people are not listening, we must rely on the Universe’s wisdom to help them along the way.

We all have a different journey some are using their time wisely, others like butterflies, are just enjoying the playtime they have. The Universe is always watching, when we are straying too far from our own path, we are going to be reminded with a gentle touch to get back on track. If we are still not listening to the Universe, then, like a mother with a child, that touch will be felt stronger on our back.

Even though we have free will, our spirit has a mission to accomplish which is to learn love, and to feel pain and sorrow. We need all these emotions to grow. Learn to reconnect with our spirit, being in touch with the Universe while living and experiencing life.

Even though we are being pulled in too many directions, we still have to be grounded. Learning to not become our own worst enemy by creating more obstacles for us to overcome. We need to be open to listen to the wisdom of the Universe.

We can become teachers, journeymen, doctors, lawyers or apprentices, what creates our own destiny is our dreams, our imagination. Without it we are not living our life to the fullest but instead we are becoming the observer in our life.

We are the trailblazer, the alchemist of our own destiny. Becoming a co-creator with the Universe, we are aligning with perfect synchronicity. Life is challenging enough we do not need to endure more than we should.

Learning to change and shift our energies can help us improve our outer condition. We can create an entire world just by imagining it. The Universe is always ready to help us, why not take the opportunity to do it today?

What’s stopping us to becoming what we want to be?