How this year has been for you so far?

lifeAs we are approaching the end of the year, it would be interesting to see how far we have come.

Did we have a good year at work and home? Have we learned some life lessons?
Have you created a vision board? How many of those goals have you archived, how many are still in progress or have you not started any?

How do you feel about work? Are you happy where you are, did you have a great year? Do you feel you have contributed to the success of your company?

Do you feel you need to look for a new job? Do you feel you have used all your skills? Are you on the fast track for promotion?

How are you doing with your mate? Are you still connected and feeling the love? Or do you feel there is gap or a disconnect between the two of you? Have you taken the time this year to have “date night” to nurture your love?

With the kids how is this year been with them?  Have they been facing challenges at school or do you feel you are communicating with them? Do you know what they are surfing or posting on social media? Do you keep close tabs on them?

What have you done for yourself? Have you taken the time to take care of yourself? Have you done something new this year, like a class or “me” time by going to the spa? Have you spent some time with your friends?

Those are valid questions we should look at and honestly give ourselves feedback. We are living in the fast track, we must not neglect to connect with our family but also learn to take care of ourselves. Enjoying a moment alone to recharge our battery.

Looking back at this year is a great way to see what we have actually accomplished but also see were we still need to work on. It could be at home with our family making sure we are still connected and communicating. Going back to basics with some Friday night board games to have fun spending some quality time with our loved ones.

How was your year so far?