I will not carry you on my shoulders!

heavyLife can be complicated if we let it happen, we can travel through life feeling light like a feather or we can act like an anchor waiting for someone to approach us, so we can tie ourselves to someone else’s ankle. Letting them carry us along the way, enjoying the ride until we are being kicked to the curb.

We need to stand on our own two feet instead of trying to hitch a ride on someone’s coat tails hoping they are going to carry us along for a long time. But you need to be careful what you wish for, as all these rides are not free and in the long run some of them can be extremely unpleasant.

Depending on others it’s a vicious circle we should not be entering. Co-dependency is addictive especially if someone is doing everything for you. We should have support along the way, but we shouldn’t expect someone to spoon feed us. Having the right person in our lives to help us archive our best by becoming our cheerleaders when we are ready to move forward is what we need.

We should be walking on our journey with a firm step. Ready to face any obstacles and challenges while having the support around us to encourage us to move forward.

We do not need to wait for someone to rescue us, I have learned long ago the only person that could save me was yours truly. With the help of the Universe, I have changed the course of my life. I have faced many challenges by having faith that I will overcome them, and I did.

We all have a different journey, carrying someone on our shoulders is not helping anyone. Instead you are complicating your life’s purpose and journey as well as for the person you are carrying.

When you are giving tough love to the ones you love, by not stepping in and doing the heavy lifting for them, you are actually helping them to garner the courage to help themselves to see THEY need to fix their own life.  You can finally see them growing and breaking free from their own chrysalis. It may take time or even a lifetime for them to fly away successfully, but they need to do it in their own time. It is difficult for some of us to step back but if we are not doing it, we are becoming part of the problem.

We need to let them find their own way on their own time. That doesn’t mean you abandon them, you are there for moral support, but not to do the heavy lifting. Remember, It is not our lives but theirs, we need to be respectful of that!