What are your hidden talent?

SkillsCapitalize on your skills!  Many times, we settle for a job that may or may not make us happy. But if we take the time while working in a job that doesn’t fulfill our heart and desires, we should be honest with ourselves by looking at what our skills are, from cooking to writing perhaps there are some untapped talents we have that will never be uncovered if we are not willing to shed the light on them.

Perhaps you are attracted to music but have never played an instrument, somehow you can make the distinction between the variations of the music. If you feel you are drawn to it that could be a sign you might be a good musician. By taking some lessons and practicing you could excel at it.

I am still discovering my talents by going through uncharted territory. With an open mind and a beginner attitude, you can archive the most improbable goals you have ever imagined possible.

How many times have you surprised yourself thinking you could not do it?  From changing a tire to creating a website?

Never under-estimate what talents you have. You could be a writer or a speaker, you never know when you let your spirit awaken what you could discover.

I have stated in my bio I am like a diamond, to be honest we are not one-dimensional individuals we are more complex. We have so many facets, so we need to explore them. As we are growing and maturing into our own spirit, we can unveil the beauty in us, letting our imagination guide us to surpass our own expectations.

What’s stopping us from reinventing ourselves, letting our wings flap freely in the wind? Showing our true colors while living an authentic life?

Nothing ever prepares us for our journey, but we need to stay connected with the Universe and our spirit. Our life mission with our spiritual growth is part of our journey. We need to celebrate all our facets.

Embracing what we are truly capable of doing.

Today, why not try to uncover your sleeping talents.   It would be a waste if we do not attempt to do that.