Walking into uncharted territory

UniverseMarching through uncharted territory can be frightening especially when we are used to having our own routine. Or we are thinking we are in control, sometimes the idea for some of us to relinquish that control can be overwhelming.

In order to change and continue to evolve, we are at some point going to take the leap of faith and do it. It is not easy to change our habits or even our lives completely but if this is for your highest good why not do it?

The Universe is always by our side, ready to help us along the way. Opening the doors for new possibilities can be tempting but we need to step up to the plate by claiming what is ours.

If we are only spending our time dreaming and lingering about what if…. (fill in the blank) we are not going anywhere. We are setting ourselves up to failure or becoming paralyzed to do anything at all.

Going through the unknown is the most amazing and insane feelings entwined, it is the most exhilarating time to have faith and embrace what is coming next.

Changes are not easy when you are transitioning to new uncharted territory the Universe will take you apart in order to re-organized you in the new way that will match the new direction in your life. It is extremely challenging to go through the process, but the outcome is amazing. The pain and fears you have to endure is worth the prize.

You are growing and changing the way you see, shifting your thoughts to elevate your energies. Becoming aware of the energies you are sending to the world. How they can affect everyone around you including yourself.

Realizing Unconditional Love is the key to unlocking everything. Making peace with your past, being present in your body, knowing tomorrow is far enough for you to focus on the here and now.
We should not be afraid of the unknown, but our ego has conditioned us to stay where we are. If we are courageous we can overcome that feeling by having faith the Universe has our back.