Why are we trolling social media?

LifeI am still amazed at this point, at how many people are trolling social media in a quest to search for a mate or to basically cheat on their mate.

You can be posting daily blogs to develop followers for your own business. Some people are more interested about your picture or your smile instead of the content of the information you are posting. Trying to connect with you for the sole purpose of checking if you are available.

You must be careful when using social media for your business so as not to be harassed by unwanted individuals that are fishing for information NOT about your business but about YOU.

The basic questions remain when you are experiencing these kinds of unwanted advances, why is the person behind it doing it?  Is he/she not happy in their own life?
If married, why did he/she marry their mate?
Why are you trolling social media randomly trying to connect with individuals that may not be interested in pursuing an intimate relationship?

A cute picture doesn’t mean that person is available or interested in having any kind of intimate relationship, the picture is there to show who is behind the blogging or posting.

With new technology emerging quickly it has opened new avenues for people to try to see what is out there. Neglecting their mate and family for a moment of thrill or excitement that will not last.

Becoming an addict in this artificial world, shows people can be anyone or anything they want to be. We need to be cautious when we are in that world of lies and illusions to not fall for deception.

It is quite disturbing that people would use the artificial world to try to see what is out there for the wrong purposes.  In this time and age, we can travel around the world for less of the cost that it was a decade ago. We should start to do that, but also stop spending all our time lost in that world of social media.

Reconnecting with our mate should be our priority, if we are not happy about our lives, it is time to re-assess the situation and make the proper changes. Chasing an emotional connection over social media is not the solution for our lives. Instead you are creating a gap between you and your mate that may or may not heal.

Why are you trolling social media?