How beautiful nature is

LifeNature is extremely inspiring especially when we are taking the time to observe it. From the deep forest in the Amazonia to the dry plains of Africa. There is a lot to see and observe, from the animals to the surrounding vegetation. You can find yourselves watching for hours. You would be amazed to see how much we are similar if you are looking closely. You can notice the conversations and behavior the animals have. It can remind us of our own behaviors.

From the most delicate but lethal flowers, you can see the beautiful colors Mother Earth has on display. It can inspire us to copy them in our daily life from fashion to decorations. We can be duplicating the shape of a tree or a leaf to create new art.

Even taking examples on how nature creates, we can be inspired to use it for the design of buildings. The world is our inspiration for our blank canvas. We just have to open our eyes to notice what is around us.

Letting ourselves be transported for a moment out of our heads to grasp we are not alone but we are all connected.

I love Shutterstock it is a website that hosts thousands and thousands of pictures. I actually use their pictures for all of my websites. If you go and browse their pictures you can transport yourself into another venue. Being inspired but also you can elevate your vibration as well.

It is a great way to open your mind and realize how beautiful the world is without having to travel. The close-ups of the flowers are magnificent, the different colors and depth is outstanding. The simple little details we would never see if it wasn’t for those pictures is mind-blowing.

We really need to take the time to reconnect with nature if we cannot afford to travel you can always check Shutterstock or similar websites that will give you the boost you need to co-create with the Universe.