What have you done for you lately?

LifeEnjoying a moment of guilty pleasure. Everyone once in a while we deserve a little reward for doing such a good job on a project or at home dealing with our hectic schedule. So why not have a little moment for us when everyone is asleep or away to enjoy a little treat?

Like a massage at the spa or just enjoying our favorite dishes? You could invite some friends to join you at your favorite restaurant to eat that delicious meal.

We need to be a little naughty to acknowledge ourselves, it is not narcissism neither it is to reward our ego, but when we are doing so much we can allow ourselves to enjoy those little moments.

With fall just around the corner we can start to look at what we could buy that could make us step back in time. Reminding us of what our inner child is all about. We could be enjoying a walk at the mall trying to find some items that will remind us of the upcoming holidays.

Learning to love ourselves back is the foundation for us to be able to attend to our families and friends. We need to make sure we are not the last one on our list but the first one we should attend to at regular intervals.

It is difficult when we have children to remember to take the time for ourselves. We feel the instinct to always have them on the top of our priority. It is normal to do that, but we should not neglect ourselves along the way.

Taking a couple of hours, a week to attend to our own needs should still be on the top of our list.

Many times, we are forgetting to celebrate ourselves, we can feel invisible to the rest of the world when we, in fact, are the foundation of our family. It is time to have a little celebration that will lift our spirit.

Why not do something for us today?