Connecting with each other while keeping our own individuality

spiritConnecting with each other does not mean we have to let anyone manipulate us blindly.

You will encounter individuals who are preying on the naivety of others to get their own way. Trying to find the weakness in them to be able to get in their head.

Connecting with people should be happening at the heart level. What do I mean by that? It is spirit to spirit. Not your ego leading you with an illusion of fears of being alone or wanting to fit into a group.

We need to learn to stand on our own feet before we can start to walk. The hardest part in today’s society is the need to be part of a group or a click. You do not need to put yourself in this predicament when it comes to it.

Instead learn to let your spirit be, with that said, the energy you are emanating will attract the right individuals around you.

You should not try to fit in, by doing so you are dimming the light that is your spirit making you invisible to the rest of the world. Not allowing your right to express your own thoughts or ideas.

There is too much of this type of practice going around right now. We need to learn to break the mold and set ourselves free.

Living your life through your spirit is what we are here to do. Learning our experiences, seeing old souls and meeting new people. Being more engaging to connect with each other face to face to give us a chance to really know people.

We also have to learn to balance our lives, from running around to get the kids to practice to being able to connect with our mate. Finding the time to be alone to take care of ourselves and recharge our batteries.

This balancing act is our lives, we need to make the distinction between our spirit and ego but also not allowing anyone to get into our head. We are the master of our own destiny, you should be in the driver’s seat while the Universe is your passenger.

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