Doing an inventory of our lives

lifeBeing a force of nature, a trailblazer, a natural leader can be, at times, exhausting. Especially when you feel there is not enough hours in a day. Sometimes we can feel like we are doing a juggling act, barely keeping up with what we have, before we are being pulled in other directions.

It is always interesting when the Universe is adding that little touch of madness in the middle of the chaos. Making it even more interesting and challenging at times to continue our balancing act.

But we need to recognize when we need to start to let things go. We are the creature of habits, we need to start to be honest and truthful with what we need. We can try to hold on to something that is not useful anymore adding more pressure for us. Or we can simply learn to let go of it, which gives us room for new things in our lives.

See this like your closet, I am sure if we are honest we can find some extremely old clothes we wore many years ago that we would not wear today but the nostalgia made us keep it. We have a couple of options, we can leave it in the closet, donate it so someone can use it or as a last resort put it into storage.

We need to look at our lives and do an inventory of where we are currently and what we have, such as friends, mate etc. we should also do that at work. Are we in the right position? do I feel I am fulfilled or am I miserable? Those are honest but important questions we should be answering truthfully.

Look at your surroundings, how do I impact my life and the life of others?
Am I living the life I always wanted?
Does I inspire to do something different in my life?

You can be all of that and more, but you still need to stay grounded and open to hear what the Universe must share with you. Always leading your life with an open heart