Living our life in state of peacefulness

lifeBeing at peace can sometime be challenging, especially when you see what is currently unfolding in front of you is not right. It could be at home or at work, the best of us can get frustrated.  We can ask ourselves why this is happening, and no one is doing anything to correct the matter!

Sometimes people who should be stepping in and guide the course in the right direction are only standing by and not moving a finger to help the situation. We can, when we are witnessing it, become appalled by that environment.

Getting upset will not help instead you are sending negativity into the world. We need to learn to change our patterns by stopping ourselves in our tracks. Shifting our energy level from anger to sending unconditional love. Seeing a wonderful outcome for that situation. Having faith, the Universe is going to prevail no matter what!

It can take us some time to start to trade our old habits for new ones.  But if we start to apply this simple strategy in our daily lives, we can see a shift happening rather quickly, our lives can take that much-needed U-turn into the right direction.

I am like everyone else being challenged once awhile by what seemed to be unfair situation unraveling on the front of me. Like people abusing the world of the occult to manipulate someone or at work seeing a co-worker mistreating someone just to make them feel better. Or simply they are leading their lives with the ego, felling everyone is about to get him/her. Which reality is not the truth but a pure fiction of their imagination.

Finding balance and grounding ourselves is one of the basic foundations for us. But we need to stay peaceful and this requires us to be in tune with our body, mind and spirit. Feeling when our energies are shifting to a lower frequency we need to move into a state of peace from anger, we need to stop ourselves from stressing our body by keeping ourselves positive.

The more positivity is coming into our lives, the more blessing we are getting.