Living an authentic and honest life

beautifulHonesty can be a life changing experience, living an authentic life can be challenging for some of us. The illusion we have to fit in and agree with everyone one is not what we should be doing. Instead we should be honest with our spirit, letting our audience, whomever they are, know how we feel about any situation.

For example, if you are in the meeting but you do not agree with the direction a group or a company is taking because it could delay or will not be for the best interest of the company; you should be able to express your concerns but also provide a solution. It can be difficult when you are surrounded by individuals that have their own agendas which will not benefit the company.

You can become the target of those individuals feeling their wrath, but you have to remember while this is happening you are actually doing the right thing for the company. It can feel at times an up-hill battle, you are, at least, honest realizing who is actually looking out for the company.

You are, in fact, becoming an advocate for that company, always doing what is right but also, in time, starting to rally influential people who will see you as an asset.

When you are looking at your personal life, being honest will only attract individuals with a high level of integrity. Spending your time with positive individuals that have your best interest at heart. Knowing each time, they are speaking with you it comes from a place of love.

Those are the people you want in your circle of light. Individuals that live their lives through their spirit not their ego.

We have so much to experience in our lives, we should not waste our time with pettiness nor negativity. Instead we should be focusing on how we can help ourselves to archive our goals while sharing and giving back to the world.