How to transmute our energies

positiveTransmuting our energies is an art of its own. It requires, at the beginning, a little discipline but as you start to master the way you can shift your energy and send it to the Universe to have it “recycled” into positive energy. The Universe will send it back in its purest form like gold, filling our bodies with this brand-new energy that will heal us.

We need to remind ourselves that our energies are impacting our physical body. Taking care of our heart but also the rest of our body is similar to being in our own garden. We need to remove the weeds in order to let the beautiful flowers grow and blossom.

Our job is not only learning our life lessons but also taking care of us. We always say, “our body is a temple”. Which is true, our spirit lives in our body, we need to respect our body. No matter the size and shape we need to make sure we are not harming ourselves.  If the life style we are living is not helping us on our journey but adding one more obstacle that could last a lifetime.  That life style needs to stop.

Our body is the host for our spirit, we need to make sure we are connected with our spirit but also, we are sending love to ourselves. Keeping ourselves connected with the Universe having faith everything will turn out for the best.

Our energies need to be sent to the Universe for transmutation as often as we can. Keeping stale energies in our bodies will do harm for our organs. We need to make sure we are maintaining a healthy balance.

We need to add this into our routine before we fall asleep.  You can visualize you are scanning your body taking all the lower energies from it.  Turning that energy into a ball and sending it to the Universe asking them to transform it into positive energy. Asking them to send it back to you when the process is completed.

When the Universe is ready see yourself receiving this beautiful golden ball into your hands and as you are looking into that ball it is starting to transform itself into a beautiful glowing liquid gold that is being absorb through your skin.

You are feeling this energy inside of your body healing you but also filling your heart chakra with unconditional love. You are now at peace.