The true function of our heart

heartI would like to continue to explore yesterday’s subject about the heart.

The heart is not only the engine that’s fuels our bodies, sending blood through our bodies but also connecting with the brain sending signals and commends to it.
We are not only a shell but also, we are vibrational beings. We are made of energies not only one layer but multiple layers.
With science we are just scratching the surface of who we are. From the tangible to the abstract we are all depending on our heart to live our lives.
The heart beats on its own, it is like the engine in your car but without it we cannot function. Our heart also has a time clock on it. Meaning when it is time for us to cross over the heart will stop.

It also hosts our spirit, yes! our beautiful spirit is inside of our heart. It is the connection between the different dimensions. It is the bridge that connects us together, when we are opening our heart to received love, it fuels us with higher energy it moves us to a different plane. We are learning to be less in our mind and more in our heart.

Our perspective is changing, we are able to be the alchemist we are. Starting to make the impossible possible. Like the Eagle having the bird’s eyes view on everything. Becoming more in touch with who we are. Letting authenticity become our new norm.

When we are in perfect synchronicity with the Universe this is where our lives are becoming easier. We can appreciate and be grateful for everything we have.

In order to arrive at that state of mind we need to be ready to open our heart chakra. Letting the flow of pure energy coming from the Universe to flood our body. Receiving the wisdom of the Universe to make our lives and the lives or everyone around us better. Improving and impacting the world by keeping ourselves positives no matter what the outer conditions are.

Our heart is precious, we should take care of it and be grateful for what we have.