Moment of reflection in the life of a psychic

LoveWhat I write about is life, not only in general but also my experiences.  With the support of the Universe I can step back and let them share their thoughts on why we are here but also writing specific messages for people around the world that need specific answers.

The most interesting part of my work is to channel the Universe for messages. In each of my blogs I have a message from the Universe. Those messages are intended to be read by individuals around the world. I have seen individuals searching the net to see if they can find more information or trying to figure out where my messages are coming from. I am sorry to say there is one place only that you can find it…. it’s the Universe.

Channeling the Universe doesn’t require much from me I only have to open my heart chakra to connect with the sixth, seventh and higher dimensions. There is no specific ritual I use to connect with the wisdom of the Universe. I have daily conversations with the Universe, being connected at all times is “normal”.

I use the word Universe throughout my writings because it encompasses, in my view, the angelic realms, Archangels, Ascendant Masters but also God. The Little One (my sister for people who have not read my blogs) doesn’t believe in God. Which is okay, this is her own free will and space so when we are speaking I do not use the word God but instead Universe. To be honest with you even though she says she doesn’t believe in anything, if I ask her to use one of the prayers to call upon the Archangels or Ascendant Masters she will do that. Even funnier, if she needs help, she will contact me and ask for my help stating the Universe listens to me more than to her. Which is not true, but since she still has a lot of healing to do in her life from our childhood to her adulthood she is not open to listen completely to the messages. She is, however, a powerful healer and can use those energies to do mischief as well.

Being one of the messengers of the Universe through my writings, I am not here to convert anyone but to open our consciousness. Most people are starting to realize there is something bigger than us but have no idea what.

It can take a lifetime for some of use to realize what we are here to experience but also realizing this is not our home. We are here to let our spirit grow through joy, peace, sadness and heartbreak. It is not an easy journey we are taking when our spirit decides to come here. But we need, in this harsh environment, to learn our life lessons. From unconditional love, pure love, compassion, sharing, peace, giving and receiving, but for most love ourselves. If we do not love ourselves, we cannot be open to give and receive nor fully experience what unconditional love truly is.

I was listening to a program called Green Medicine Knowledge, something was said during one of the episodes about the heart. It is the first organ to form in the fetus, not the brain but the heart. The heart is the organ that sends directions to the brain. Believe it or not it is true, I smiled while I was listening to that show. It does make sense the heart is the connection like the phone between here and the other dimensions. This is how we communicate with the Universe; our spirit is in our heart not our brain. Our ego however is in our brain.

The heart regulates our body but also our vibrations, we are vibrational beings. When we are feeling sad our vibrations are lower but when we are in a state of euphoria, because we are in love, then our vibration is rising and connects directly with the Universe.

We need to learn to be gentle with ourselves and our heart. We need to learn to take care of it but also sending love and compassion towards us and each other.

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