We should listen to our body

BodyWe can feel overwhelmed by our own lives with everything coming towards us at once. We just can’t handle it anymore. Our instinct will be to run out of the room, hoping no one can catch us. Thinking to going into the witness program so no one can ever find us.

If life was a movie what would it be? Papillon, the last survivor, Mad Max?

With all the things being throwing at us we can feel we are in the Olympic Games from hell. Trying to take cover but cannot find our armor to protect us. But when we are reaching that last drop in our bucket before we explode or on the break of a major meltdown what do we do?

Are you actually able to ground yourself back or are you so stressed that nothing can help to calm you down? Do you start to attack verbally even physically everyone and anything that comes near you? Or are you bawling to the point you cannot even breath or think, spiraling down a dark hole and you cannot even see your surroundings anymore?

Have you ever felt pushed against the wall or trapped in situation that you feel the walls are coming down on you? You cannot move or breath starting to exhibit signs of a panic attack?

We can find ourselves in those kinds of situations, but do you know how to stop it right in its track before you are spiraling down or can you even recognize the signs coming your way? Do you know how to step out of it?

Many times, we can have a sense of being nervous when things are starting to unravel quickly. We can start to pay attention to our breathing. Most of the time we are switching from deep breathing to a quick, shallow breathing. By doing that we are starting to restrict the oxygen flow in our body, which results with a lack of oxygen to our brain but also turning our muscles from a relaxed state to a tense state. Our heart beat accelerates rapidly, sending messages to our brain to be in a state of high alert. The adrenals are now working at full speed. We are in a survival mode.

To disengaged there are a few things you can do, start to switch your breathing back to deep breathing. It will shift your access to oxygen to the fullest, slowing down the heart beat but also avoiding the adrenal glands to go on override for a long period of time that could last a few days.

Essential oils have great benefits to help you to stay grounded. Lavender is a great one to always have on hand not only is it a great antiseptic for superficial wounds, calming but also for insect bites.  You can also use Valor to ground yourself.  Rosemary can give you a sense of clarity that will help you to deal with situations arising.

The outdoors are a great way to release stress; like walking, running, rollerblading, by being outside you are absorbing oxygen but also releasing the negative energies that have accumulated inside of you.

Something we all need to do is to stop ignoring the signs our body is sending us. To warn us we are reaching the limit. The more we are in tune with our body, the more quickly we can stop our behavior to escalate keeping our body in balance and grounded.