An inspiring moment in our lives

SpiritWe, at times, can make ourselves invisible by dimming the light that is our spirit. In those moments we are losing our identity. Who we truly are, sending ourselves into hiatus. Often to stay invisible to the rest of the world, while we are thinking we are safe by doing it.

The Universe will not allow us to stay there for long. Instead it will start to push us to turn up the light that is who we truly are. The Universe in its wisdom will challenge us by sending us some obstacles along the way. Until we are back on our journey, it can be in a form of a gentle push behind the back or at worst a smack behind the head. Putting the spot light on us even if we are trying to fly under the radar.

Dragging our feet is not going to help us either, when the wheels of the Universe are moving nothing can stop them. We can procrastinate about it, it will not change we have to go back on our journey.

Instead of making ourselves invisible why not do the reverse?
Situations at work can be uncomfortable we need to stand up for ourselves and make the proper changes. From applying for jobs internally or looking at new possibilities outside of the company you are currently working at.

There are a lot of possibilities if you are shifting the way you are thinking, from limited to limitless. Open the doors of infinite possibilities to become a co-creator instead of letting someone else be in the driver’s seat.

We are the masters of our own destiny we can change the course of our lives at any given time. Why not start today to live the life you always wanted?

Why not let your spirit shine even if some individuals do not like it?

There is nothing wrong about living your life through your spirit. We are the alchemists, the magicians and with the help of the Universe we can change the world we are living in by learning unconditional love. For most nothing is impossible if you allow yourself to dream and let your spirit be.