Continue to believe in your dream

synchronicity “A dream becomes a goal when Action is taken toward its achievement” – Bo Bennett

This is why we are doing vision boards, taking the time to really look at what we have been dreaming, to finally make it happened.

I am going to share a story about my mother. Her dream, as a young girl, was to work in a pharmacy, life took a different direction for her. Instead she started to work in a kitchen for an orphanage. She later left the orphanage to clean houses. She also worked in a bakery. Later on, in her life we learned that she always wanted to open a restaurant.

About 20 years ago she started to work for a prominent family that lived in Paris. She enjoyed working there. It also gave her a chance to enjoy going to the theaters while enjoying the Parisian life. One day her boss asked her what she always wanted to do. She simply replied to him she wanted to open a restaurant. He asked for more details and based on that information, he decided to give her the funds to open a restaurant but before she could do that, he wanted, as a good business man that he was, to see where it was including the cost of the actual restaurant. Making sure she would be in great shape to open and run it.

Her dream came true. She opened a restaurant in the South of France. It took her 50 years to have her dream come true but perfect synchronicity came into place to make it happen. This man, who wasn’t part of our family, generously gave her the funds she needed because he felt she deserved it. I have never meet him, but I knew he had a good heart. She ran the restaurant successfully then sold it, so she could retire.

If you are reading this true story be inspired, it is never too late to live your dream. Perfect synchronicity will support you along the way. A lot of people have given up on their dreams thinking it is not attainable. My mother, deep in her core, always had that dream. She did not give up on it but by the magic of the Universe she was able to make it come to fruition.

We should all have a vision board with our dreams listed on it. We need to keep on dreaming, if we do not do anything about it, we can miss living our lives to the fullest. Why not start today because you never know what could come knocking at your door when you least expect it.