Never make any apology for who you are

lifeWhen you are living your life through your spirit you should never apologize about who you are.
Your actions, your state of mind, your naughtiness, whom ever you are should speak for itself.
In this time and age, we have to feel we have to be conscious about everything and everyone.
Spending our time to agree with everything coming our way. We are always having to wear those masks that are too big or too small for us. Making sure we conform instead of being ourselves.

There is nothing purer and more authentic than our own spirit. The pure essence of our lives; why should we continue to play that masquerade instead of letting our beautiful self-shine?  We are like the phoenix rising from the ashes, but we shouldn’t hide who we truly are.

People that are living through their spirit are free, regardless of the outer conditions. The sense of freedom, happiness and joy are emanating from them. Living their lives on their own terms, compromising only if this is their last resort.

Enjoying giving back to causes close to their heart. Never letting their ego get out of control but instead letting their imagination guide their lives.

The world we are living in can make us feel oppressed by our surroundings and society. We can sometimes feel like a stranger amongst our own family. If we can get passed all of those obstacles and focusing solely on our spirit by opening our heart chakra we can connect with the Universe.

Starting to co-create will help you to move on in your journey even ease the pain and sorrow you may feel as you are thinking there is no way out. This illusion will disappear when you start shifting your thoughts, so you can elevate your energy. We are not alone but we need to be ready to start to change ourselves to live our lives through our spirit. Starting to be inspired by planting the seeds so we can become limitless and show unconditional love.