We need to inspire each other

loveWhen we are letting our ego sleep we can focus on inspiring each other. From sharing stories and tips, we can help each other grow. Not only spiritually but also at work. Removing our ego can help us to accomplish so much more.

When we are so busy watching out for each other’s feelings, like watching fish in an aquarium, when we could spend our time to share and help each other to archive our goals. We could actually help our group, department and even the company to move forward. When we spent less time bickering but more time to help solve issues we can actually become productive. We are shifting the energy from negative to positive. People will be more inclined to help and become happier in a place like that than feeling stress and discontent.

Companies are not growing at the rate they should be if they are always letting employees’ egos be in the driver’s seat. Instead we need to stop feeling threatened or fearful of others in the work place. Managers should be the bridge to close the gap between employees. We should feel like we are part of the team not sitting on the edge looking in.  Making someone else who doesn’t fit the mold part of the team. Ready to listen to everyone, seeking solutions by welcoming everyone to join.

When we led by our spirit we actually open the door for everyone to engage. We are not judging but instead seeking everyone’s input. You can inspire someone to reach their goals by helping them or coaching them. Becoming a mentor, let the flow of communication open to empower everyone to step up.

We can find solutions when everyone is invited to the table. Not the few chosen ones who may or may not have the solution. Having a feeling of inclusion not exclusion.

But mostly not running a “dog and pony” show, but instead a genuine and authentic department and company.

Being inspired is what helps us to change the world. Why not start today?