What unconditional make us do

BallerinaThere is nothing more beautiful than when you are feeling lifted by unconditional love. Feeling you are walking on water, having the feeling you are having an out-of-body experience. Feeling the energy of unconditional love touching your heart is the most delicate moment in your life.

You are feeling alive, like a ballerina on stage ready to dance. You are now extending your arms in a graceful way. Slowly you are lifting your feet to a beautiful releve, ready to move to the next “pas de danse”. Gracefully moving across the stage feeling the extension of your legs and arms reaching perfection. While you are ready to be lifted in the air, you are feeling in perfect harmony with the music.

The Universe has blessed you with this moment of pure communion. You are connected with the Universe. You are grounded and peaceful, you can finally appreciate where you are. While the ballet is moving along with the music you can see all the pieces of your life fitting together. You are seeing the bigger picture.

You can see the details and the intricate path you have taken along your journey. Feeling a sense of accomplishment, ready to push the boundaries further. You heart is lifted, you are feeling unshakable.

Feeling the energy of unconditional love helps you to let go of all patterns, releasing situations and individuals that have hurt you. Unlocking the anchor, you were carrying, having a sense of relief upon you. Letting go of the past, ready to create a new life, a new you. Enjoying this moment of authenticity.

Being grateful to have experienced this beautiful energy. You feel you are connected with the Universe. You are shifting your thoughts to a higher level; your energy has moved to your heart chakra. Perfect synchronicity is now helping you to archive your goals.