How to live an abundant life

HarvestLiving in a moment by utilizing our energies can help us on our journey. I was watching the movie The Celestine Prophecy. It was extremely interesting to watch but at the end of the movie they gave some insightful information in regard to each of the nine prophecy.

Basically, it is telling us to utilize the energy around us but also reconnecting with the Universe at a spiritual level.  Pushing our ego aside to focus on the connection between the heart and the world of energies.

Showing us, we are not alone but there are other dimensions surrounding us. It is actually matching with what we are all talking and writing about. Reconnecting with the Universe working with our spirit. Becoming the alchemist, we are to live our life to the fullest.

We are shifting our consciousness to a new level as we are moving toward working with energies. We are starting to realize why we are here, what our life purpose is. But also learning to work with those energies.

It was refreshing to see that movie, it can make us understand that everything we are seeing around us has an energy and how to work with it.  Also working with our imagination to materialized what we need. We can live the life we want, with a better job, a house, a mate or whatever you would like to have. But if we are not open to our imagination, we cannot achieve what is best for us, but only get something closer or settle for something even less.

With the help of the universe we can let perfect synchronicity work its magic to materialize our deepest desires. There is nothing wrong about having a life full of wealth and health. We do not have to deprive ourselves of the beauty in our lives.

We can live an abundant life, but we also must remind ourselves we need that flow of abundance to go through us by giving as well as receiving.