The balancing act of your life

lifeThe Universe has a plan for each of us, our busy life can make us forget at times why we are here.  What is our life’s mission?  We can be blindsided by all the glitter and chaos that surrounds us. Letting our ego distract us from our spirit.

I have been writing a lot about going back to basics. Grounding and keeping ourselves in check, looking at what is really important for us.

We can be lost in the jungle of the corporate world, feeling the thirst to climb the corporate ladder to become a rising star. Thinking this what I want to do for the rest of my life. Then the Universe will, by perfect synchronicity, remind us this is just a house of cards. A beautiful illusion we have lost ourselves in. Actually, we have been wanting that manager or VP title for so long we actually have traded our family’s life for it.

Realizing that it was nothing else than our ego having a feat, wanting to be recognized by everyone. We are starting to see what is most important in our lives. It wasn’t spending 12 hours a day in an office or working on weekends to get work done but instead, not having spent any time with our children and our mate.

Disconnecting ourselves from our family unit for an alleged better job. Empowering ourselves believing that it is for our family that we are sacrificing our time at work. One day the reality will set in, making you realize the precious time you have lost with your family. You cannot get it back, instead you spent all that time worrying about your job. You would have spent more quality time with your family. Connecting at the spiritual level and nurturing the relationship with your children.

When we are young and starting in the corporate world, we can let our professional life take over our personal life. It is a choice we are making every day. But when you realize what your priorities really should be you can start to make changes. Having income to take care of your family is absolutely necessary to survive but be sure to temper that with the needs of your family, so that you and they will have a balanced and happy life, personally and professionally.

Take the time today to connect with your love one. Do not let work lead your life but instead learn to have a balance between your professional and personal life. You will be happier and so is your family.