Enjoying a moment of peace Part 2

mateHave you ever taken the time to be alone for an evening at home relaxing while listening to the sounds of jazz? Enjoying your favorite beverage sitting outside on the porch, watching the sunset.

It is in those times we can be inspired, by watching nature showing its magic. Being far away from the rest of the world. Having the opportunity to let our imagination wander freely. Feeling the soft breeze caressing your body.

While watching nature, enjoying a moment of peace and quietness. In those rare moments we can notice the beauty of nature. As the fragrance of the flowers mixes in the air, we can feel whole. There is no need to rush but just breathe deeply, exhaling the negative energies while inhaling the positive energies. Feeling the shift in our body.

Nothing truly matters in this moment just feeling completely aligned and at peace, while being in a relaxing state of mind. Why not start to communicate with the Universe? Thinking of what we would like to co-create.

Looking at our lives, why not take a quick inventory and see what we would like to archive next? Maybe some gardening or painting the rooms? Thinking maybe it would be good to plan a little getaway with our mate.

Planning a dinner with friends or attending a culinary class on how to make sushi? It is always fun to think about something new. Maybe a new activity with your mate, something that neither one of you has ever done? It could be fun to feel like beginners going messy with it, it is always fun and exciting to do something new. Living on the edge, finding ourselves laughing and giggling. Feeling we are on the first date with our mate. How wonderful would it be to reconnect with him/her at that level?

While the night is now showing its colors why not plan something fun for the two of you?