How do you deal with life changes event?

moment“The scariest moment is always just before your start” – Stephen King.

This is a beautiful quote from one of my favorite writers. Through my journey I knew things would unravel in a positive way if I had what I called “a panic attack”. Let me share why, when The Club Med called me and hired me for the job. After I hung up it took me a day or two before I went to take the train and leave for good.  I really started to literally freak out, I feared the unknown. Leaving behind me what I knew, to step into a life changing experience, I wanted to call them back and decline the job. I did not. So, on that day I took the train, I was excited, ready for that big adventure.

Fast forward in my life, when I landed other jobs, the same thing would happen, like a pattern or a rite of passage, I would freak out.

When I bought my house, I was happy when the seller agreed to sell it to me. But a few days afterwards I start to panic. What if I do not like the house, what if…. (fill out the blank)

Everything major thing I have done in my life I always had that panicky feeling for a few hours. It’s always proven to me it was a good thing because it always felt scarier before I took the step forward, but also deep in my core it felt it was the right move. I could feel something is changing for the best. But when I start to take that leap of faith moving forward then peace would come upon me.

As I am looking back at everything I have done there is not one time I did not have that panic attack feeling. If I had not that feeling I knew the move I was doing would not work or go through.

The question I have for you is: have you ever had a feeling of panic or being scared before you made any changes in your life? Like a new job, buy a new car or a house? If so how did you cope with it?