Never under estimate yourself

WinnerDo not under-estimate yourself, often we are not giving ourselves credit for what we are going through in our lives. It can be a heartbreaking situation, making a life decision that will impact your family. Or just taking the biggest step towards the realization of your dream.

If we can remove our insecurities and ego from the picture it would be easier for us to move to the unknown. You can hear your ego whispering, “you can’t do that, you are not smart enough to… (fill in the blank)”.

You may be surprised when you are telling your ego to be quiet and listening to your spirit, the magic can start to happen. Letting your imagination run free. Realizing that nothing is impossible, but everything is possible if you can put your mind to it.

We need to realize how much potential we have, everyone is gifted. Luckily for us we do not have the same gifts.  We can start to do an inventory of what we are good at, but also what we would like to develop as a gift. From there the possibilities are endless.

With the help of the Universe we can shift our thoughts and start to co-create using our gifts to make the changes in our lives.

When someone is focusing on realizing their own dream, they are focused on the outcome not the “how to get there” while synchronicity is working on creating the opportunity that will lead them to their goals. Partnering with the Universe will help us to archive our goals but also will ease our journey.

Take the time today to look back at what you have accomplished in your life. Appreciate what you have done and look forward to your next goal.

Sometimes we forget to see where we are and to take the time to rest before we move forward on our journey. It is never too late to start to live our dreams.