How to avoid using our ego while competing with others

CompeteIt is always the ego that will push us to try to compete with anyone and everyone. From a simple card game to a job opening, we can find ourselves becoming our own worst enemy.

When we let our ego lead our lives, we are amplifying the illusion of lack of…. (fill the blank), adding a touch of jealousy, sprinkled with some resentment and you have a “spicy” cocktail ready to blow up at any time.

We are closing ourselves off from the world, not ready to listen to the Universe, nor the sound of our own drum. But instead feeling entitled to a promotion, I am entitled to…. (fill the blank).

When you are starting to think this way, you are not seeing the bigger picture. What we thought we desire will not come to us if this is not meant to be or if this is not coming from our spirit or for our highest good.

Feeling the need to compete against someone else can make us feel good when we crush that person. If we beat them at a job or a promotion knowing we do not deserve it, the success you feel will be short-lived, and again, if you take something that is not yours, Karma will reset the balance whether you want that or not. You could be stuck in that position forever. Having difficulties and frustration getting your job done, always on the prowl waiting to see who is coming for your job. Feeling threaten by anyone who has more knowledge than you.

If you are competing against yourself, you are now shifting the balance in a positive way. You have no need to have your ego leading but instead your spirit will be the one in the driver’s seat. You will be focused on archiving new goals in a healthy manner. You are not going to feel entitled but instead you will co-create with the Universe a better life for you. Materializing what you want in your life for your highest good and the highest good of everyone.

I do not have the need to compete with anyone in my life since my journey is different. We all have our own path, we should not spend our time trying to crush everyone or trying to get something that in not meant for us. But instead be open to learn and navigate on your journey in a more peaceful manner and also having fun and positivity while doing so.