We are all worth it!

LoveNot everyone will see us, nor see the potential in us. Instead, some will be more than willing to minimized or ignored us. It can be difficult when you are working in a company that doesn’t value their employees nor do they see the potential you can bring to the table and help them to move the company to the next level.

Instead you can feel, you are being ignored, under mind and your work is not being appreciated or valued. If this is the case, it is time for you to move on to a new company or another group within the company that will truly value your skill set.

At work when people are not valuing your skills and attributes most of the time their egos are the ones leading their lives. They can see you as a threat, their insecurity is guiding them. They are afraid you will be too successful, or you are smarter than them. Either way they are never going to give you a break but always find a way to keep you at bay from projects and other endeavors that could cast a shadow upon them.

This could also happen in your private life, being with a mate that is never happy or always talking down to you. Making you feel you are not worthy, pretty or even smart enough to function on a daily basis. You feel worthless because you let someone take your power and now they are toying with you.

We are all worthy, no matter who we are. We shouldn’t let anyone treat us less than how we would like to be treated. We should not give our powers to anyone because our ego can feel insecure, you do not need to seek someone’s approval every minute of every day.

Instead, it is time for you to take back your power and learn to stand up on your own two feet. It is never too late to do it, life is too short to let someone dictate your life.