The tale of a liar

liar“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar” A Lincoln.

I love this quote it actually makes me smile, it is so true. Even a so-called smooth operator will never be able to keep their story straight. If you ever listen to someone who lies you can figure out quickly when they are doing it.

I mentioned in my past blog about my father who was the most credible liar you would ever meet. He was so good people would drink his lies like milk. Except the after taste was pretty sour, when they realized the house of lies he had so elaborated build, just in a blink of an eye would collapsed.

Through his life he lied, from him cheating on my mother while working out of states to the end of his life on his death-bed. The problem is that when his lies were revealed, they came back and bit him right in his derrière. He called out one of his mistress’s name instead of my mom’s while in an intimate moment with my Mom. On his death-bed he portrayed us as the evilest individuals without a soul to one of my cousins, making himself the poor victim in his twisted story. If we were, my mother who was divorced from him for over twenty years would not have arranged his funeral in church making sure he would be buried near his parents.

He could not keep up with all of it, so each time the story he had would change. I must say if we had to give an Oscar for lying he would have been a multiple recipient for sure.

As I am writing this blog, I am smiling because the Universe in its infinite wisdom, true to form, exposed him for who he was. It took some time before he was exposed but Karma did not let him get away with murder. People realized afterward they got played by him, but the damage was already done. It took synchronicity to help to appease and mend those relationships my father shattered to destroy my mother.

Word of wisdom; Liars needs to realize that when you are doing it to your mate or co-workers, people are going to see through your lies. It may take some time before you are exposed but sooner or later you will have to face Karma. On the other end when someone is lying what would most likely happened is that people close to the liar will do the same or even worst. You always get sooner or later the taste of your own medicine.

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