Believe in yourself today

faithAs a young child I learned to go back in my imaginary world to escape the world I was living in. But something I always did was to believe in myself. When everyone thought I was a lost cause, I couldn’t learn anything, I wasn’t good enough, whatever the teachers were thinking I still knew that was not true.

I never listened to them, instead I continued to see myself as successful. Learning different languages, living an abundant life full of adventure, always on the go, I never had a moment of quietness. Instead I was on top of the world.

I kept that attitude after we had to move out of our house. I had no idea where I was going but I always had faith that I was on the right track and opportunity will come and knock at my door.

I never let the outer condition derail my imagination, I was always embodying those energies. As much as our situation was becoming bleak, I kept going, always dreaming, projecting myself in a life of happiness and joy.

Living in a beautiful home, far away from where I was. By keeping that attitude, the Universe knew I wasn’t going to give up, even at my worst. I refused to give up in what I believed in. I knew I did not belong where I was, but I needed to find that door.

We have to believe in ourselves, if we do not do that we are not going to move forward. We are the essence of life, without our imagination and beliefs we have nothing. Our imagination is the magic wand that fuels our subconscious. Letting the Universe know this is what we want to experience.

Without it, we are making our lives harder than it should be. We need to co-create with the Universe to have perfect synchronicity to guide us toward our goals.

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