How to manage our energies better?

MindWe need to be conscious when we are letting our ego lead the way, the path of destruction is not far away. But like the pendulum, Karma will always remind us, we are never getting away with it.

I stated in past blogs when we are sending good vibes into the world it comes back to us multiplied. Same goes with negative vibes, if you have done a misdeed towards someone. Karma will send it back to you multiplied by having something happen in your personal or working life. It used to take months ever years in the past to see this happening but since our energies are moving faster, so is Karma.

We need to be aware of our thoughts and actions. It doesn’t mean, we have to walk on our tippy toes, but we need to assess our energies. How do I feel right now, am I upset? Am I feeling positive today? Ask your spirit. If you feel you are not in a great mood it would be best if tell everyone around you, “I am not doing great”. Instead of coming to work waiting for someone to talk to you so you can release your negative energy on them.

Unfortunately, I have seen too many people working this way. Even going to a grocery store and use the poor stock boy as their own “punching bag” just because they felt at that specific time entitled to do so.

We can be upset from time to time but taking time out to release that negative energy from our bodies is the best and safe way to do it. You can take a walk, do some meditation, watch a funny movie that would make you laugh. Laughter brings oxygen into your body but also relaxes your muscles. Listening to calming music also can do the trick or dancing will help you to release that energy as well.

We need to control our energies and mood. There is no need to have your ego leading your life instead let your Spirit run free. Life will be much easier and happier.